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Beautiful Water Features for Your Home

Create a gorgeous getaway right in the comfort of your home with a quality water feature installation from The Kuehne Group Inc. Get a customized pondless waterfall or pond designed to match your exact specifications. Our waterfalls are built using all natural stone.


Choose from a wide array of classic, modern and contemporary styles.

Biological and mechanical water features

Biological and mechanical features are the only way to keep a closed water feature clean. They also take care of any debris and nutrients that will naturally feed your water.

Control your lawn's water flow with site drainage

Site drainage is an incredibly important element of any landscaping project. You don't want your yard to flood or have rainwater pooling on your property. Let our knowledgeable team install drainage tile or surface drains. We can even grade your soil so any elevations slope away, causing water to head downhill.

Decades of experience

Since 1984, The Kuehne Group Inc has offered excellent, individualized customer service to the residents of the Rockford region. Have your yard's needs correctly and professionally analyzed by our experienced crew.